US Individual and Expatriate Taxation

Courses and conferences for the adviser to non-resident US individuals

US citizens resident outside the United States have a unique responsibility to report their income to the IRS, based solely on their citizenship status.

Advising such individuals requires a special expertise and understanding of the interaction of the tax systems of the US and the country in which they live.

We provide training for those advisers in several areas. First, in order to represent clients directly with the IRS you need a US qualification. For many the most straightforward way is to become an Enrolled Agent. We combine a three-day live course with unlimited access to online materials from the market-leading Gleim Publications.

Identifying and understanding the responsibilities of your US clients is made easier by our three-day course on “US tax compliance for your expatriate clients”. Taught by US/Canadian dual resident John Richardson, a lawyer specialising in citizenship and its complications.

Keeping up to date is essential and CPE credits a requirement to maintain Enrolled Agent status. Therefore you can attend our conferences in London and Toronto, which provide at least annual updating on Federal tax developments as well as examining key issues facing clients.

US tax compliance for your expatriate clients

Enrolled agent study programme

Masterclass: Tax Cuts & Jobs Act – individuals