Live training – the best way to learn?


Apr 10

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that for some people in some parts of the world, live training is completely out of the question. But the benefits of doing so, if you can, reward the effort and outlay in time and money over and over again.

The final question I ask on all of our course evaluation forms is “What was the best thing about the course?” And the most popular answer across the last seven years that I have been running DJH International Tax is: “The opportunity to learn from ___ (insert name of tutor) and the other participants.” The point is that all of the people who attend professional training courses are working in – usually – tax, or at least a finance department generally. And they often have a great deal of experience in different areas which, combined with the others in the class, and the tutor, makes for a huge pool of knowledge.

This Spring we are running two courses that also help prepare students for the exams in the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation. Our way is not to teach people to pass an exam but to teach them how to work with international tax transactions and, this time round, specifically in transfer pricing. All of our tutors are experts in their field who also have the rare talent to be able to communicate that expertise to the group they teach.

Not everyone who attends is sitting an exam, far from it. Over the last seven years we have tended to specialise in training in-house tax staff who, by the nature of their job, have to fit in some training where they can. And often, especially if they work in small teams, the opportunity to update themselves on current thinking and planning, can be the crucial different between doing a good job and a great one.

Both the upcoming courses are in May, Introduction to International Corporate Tax from 10-12 May and Transfer Pricing in Practice from 9-11 May.

I’m very happy to chat to people about their best options so do call on +44(0)1962 458058 with your questions.