Annual US Expat Tax & Finance Conference – London, March 2021


Mar 10-11

The 10th Annual US Expat Tax & Finance Conference will be held in London on March 2021, subject to prevailing conditions for live conferences. As always, our programme features the most pressing current issues for Americans living overseas and draws on the expertise of speakers from specialists in both the U.K. and Canada.

There is now a dedicated website for our conference, please see:

Day 1: 10 March 2020

9.30 Chairman’s introduction: Seb Purbrick, EY

9.35-10.25am Federal & state tax update: Rikveer Mangat and David Crabtree, Frank Hirth

10.25-10.45am Coffee

10.45am-11.35am QBUs and Form 8858: John Havard, Blick Rothenberg

11.35-12.25pm Green Card holders, tax treaty tie breakers and more: John Richardson, Citizenship Solutions

12.25-1.30pm Lunch

1.30-2.20pm US deferred compensation rules: Peter Megoudis, Trowbridge Professional Corporation

2.20-3.10pm Foreign tax credits: planning update: Seb Purbrick, EY

3.10-3.30pm Tea

3.30-4.20pm US/UK estate planning update: Lucie Newton, Forsters

4.20-5.20 Panel: Planning ahead: UK persons moving to the US; Americans moving to the UK – what needs to be done?: John Havard, Blick Rothenberg and Andrea Solana, MASECO Private Wealth

5.20pm Drinks reception

Day 2: 11 March 2020

9.30 Chairman’s introduction: John Richardson, Citizenship Solutions

9.35-10.25am Gift and estate tax for aliens: Joe Brothers and Melissa Gurian, Withers

10.25-10.50am Coffee

10.50am-11.40am US taxation of foreign trusts and corporations: Peter Megoudis, Trowbridge Professional Corporation

11.40-12.30 PFICs – sourcing, FTCs, mark to market sourcing, hedge funds: Linus Ostberg, Moore Global US Tax Services Ltd.

12.30-1.50pm Lunch

1.50-2.45pm Expatriation procedures – compliance before, or after?: John Richardson, Citizenship Solutions

2.45-3.35pm Cryptocurrencies: James Rose, Coutts and Carol Hipwell, Frank Hirth

3.35-4.00pm Tea

4.00-4.50pm Advising the non-compliant US person and other ethical issues: John Richardson and Peter Megoudis

5.00pm Review and close