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Mar 26

In-depth US international corporate taxation: 26-29 March 2018

Goes deeper into the detail of US corporate tax as it applies to international transactions for those already familiar with the principles of US tax

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Apr 04

Masterclass: The US Tax Cuts & Jobs Act 2018: individual tax – 4 April 2018

Essential training for anyone advising US individuals on taxation

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Apr 05

Masterclass: The US Tax Cuts & Jobs Act 2018: corporate tax – 5 April 2018

Essential masterclass on the TCJA for those working with US corporate tax

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Apr 16

Introduction to international corporate taxation: London, 16-18 April 2018

A detailed and comprehensive introduction to the application of tax law to international transactions

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Apr 23

Transfer pricing in practice: 23-25 April 2018

This course will teach you how to tackle transfer pricing in practice. Developed also to help with study for the ADIT exam, it will most importantly help you to be more efficient at work, whether in industry or professional practice.

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Jul 31

Enrolled agent study programme: July/August 2018

Live course and unlimited access to Gleim online study programme for the IRS enrolled agent exams

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Feb 28

US tax compliance for your expatriate clients: July/August 2018

A new and unique perspective on the taxation issues affecting US citizens abroad

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Nov 21

Introduction to US international corporate taxation: London, 21-23 November 2018

A comprehensive overview of US international tax focusing on inbound and outbound investment by corporations

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Oct 31

US expatriate tax year-end conference: 31 October 2018

Be up to date with developments as we approach the calendar and US tax year end

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Jan, 30

Annual US Expat Tax & Finance Conference – London, March 2019

The leading conference for return preparers and tax advisers to US citizens living abroad

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